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  • Curved frame CHK-100B
  • Curved frame CHK-100B
  • Curved frame CHK-100B
  • Curved frame CHK-100B
Curved frame CHK-100B

This product adopts 100mm-width high-strength aluminum alloy as the frame, whose surface has been pasted velvet. It is elegant and is able to prevent reflection caused by the projector. Many precision spring devices adjust the tension value of the screen surface from each angle. They can stretch the screen and eliminate the shrinking caused by temperature and humidity, to ensure that the curtain does not have ripples due to external force. Thus the screen has advantageous smoothness. The products are widely used in home theater, engineering, large clubs and other occasions.

Frame material:Aluminum frame(Velvet surface)
Frame shape:Curved frame
Frame Width:100mm
4K:Different screen farbirc is optional

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